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SaraetKarim is a newly opened coffee shop in Tripoli and its neo-hippie setting with quilts and dream catchers is the absolute opposite of what this place has to offer.

It’s a very small place that despite its decoration is cold as is almost always empty and when there are people it’s never regulars or friendly faces but mostly unfriendly strangers that are always there to criticize and gossip about the other customers and, the only regulars are a bunch of neo-hippy conservative closeted gays that show hostility to any outspoken  LGBTQ people or activists.

The expensive cakes and teas are not even worth the try and they don’t serve anything else but these and a coffee selection.

The owners are judgmental conservative homophobes but that are ok with closeted and under the cover gays.

They obviously told some LGBTQ activists that they’re not welcome because it ruins the image of the place (obviously the image of the place is that of conservative closeted gay neo_hippies).

The owner stated on many occasions that he prefers to have ladies seated at the entrance of the coffee shop than a bunch of male patrons (so much for objectifying women and sexism)

The coffee shop didn’t even complete his legal status and it hasn’t got a certificate from the ministry of tourism and one from the ministry of health and apparently the employees aren’t registered in the social security at the ministry of labor.

Receiving lots of negative reviews and ratings they blocked the rating section on their Facebook page not to be exposed to their bad management, and food and deleting all negative comments.


On the 24 of April this year coincides with the memorial of the Armenian Genocide Centennial,the first genocide of the century.

The memorial gained force this year by the recognition of Pope Francis of the genocide,calling it the first genocide of the century,as Armenians all over the world are preparing for it.


Many countries already recognized the genocide including Lebanon as in 1997 the Lebanese Chamber of Deputies recognize and condemns the genocide perpetrated against the Armenian people and expresses its complete solidarity with demands of its Armenian citizens.

This year the Lebanese Education Minister considered the 24 of April a national holiday and called for closure of all educational institutions.

A National Choir Festival is happening in Lebanon during this period in many Lebanese cities including Tripoli on the 24th of April noting that some of the Choirs participating are Armenian and Tripoli’s own pride and joy Choir,The Fayhaa Choir is lead by Maestro Barkev Taslakian a Tripolitain from Armenian origins.

fayhaa choir

Through all that and to everybody’s surprise rose some cacophonous noises objecting  the recognition of the genocide by the Lebanese Government and attacking the Choir Festival held in Tripoli saying it’s a declaration of war on Tripoli’s Sunnis threatening the responsible and inviting Sunni Tripolitans to hold a massive Friday prayer in Tripoli’s Oscar Niemeyer’s Fair and to display Turkish flags on the balconies.

The most dangerous thing is that this is coming from a Sheikh holding post in highest Sunni authority “Dar Al Fatwa” in Tripoli and he’s called Sheikh Majed Derwish

mag derv

What Derwish stated is very dangerous for it is a stir of confessional strife and that is punished by law in a lifetime imprisonment penalty (articles 308 and especially 317 of the Penal Code) and thus the North Lebanon General Attorney should persecute Derwish according to these articles.

There’s a new specie in Tripoli that consider itself the defender of the Sunni sect and this specie that is a big fan of Isis has only brought to Tripoli terror,harm,war and economical collapse and abuse and distortion of Islam.

Noting finally that the Ottomans reflects only terror and crimes not just to  Armenians but to all the Lebanese population as they are responsible for the execution of Lebanese citizen in 1916 in what is called today Martyr’s Square and we still celebrate their martyrdom  and that the Lebanese in all their sects  should reject any linking or simply sympathy to the Ottomans.

gen 100

No I wont post pictures of the explosion and the damages.No I wont quote the politicians and religious figures.No I wont give up to negativity.No I wont let them take us were they want to.


I want to forget the destruction and blood I saw when I rushed home after hearing the explosion to make sure my son and parents are OK and how the building where my son and ex wife live was severely damaged and how we had to force the stuck door to free them out and how I almost collapsed when I saw the blood on my son’s hand when he rushed to hug me.

I want to forget the terror of that day.


No matter how much I curse and criticize my city and its inhabitants,I can’t deny that I love it so much and that I love my fellow citizen with all their simplicity.

What is needed in these times of hardship is to think clearly.

We ought to not listen to the hating and instigating speech of the politicians and  religious figures and their accusations and invitations to hate and revenge.They are responsible of all the terror and crimes.

We ought to not let them lead us to violence,hate and desperation.They are the real criminals.We should not let them represent us.

Our answer to this terror is to stay united and solidary and refuse to let lead us to fight each others.

We ought to spread love and peace.To give a helping hand to rebuild the ravaged areas,to donate blood,to give moral and psychological support to the families of the dead and the wounded.

We ought to stop showing our children images of violence and hate and let them grow on these images.

Let us teach them love,tolerance and the acceptance of the other so we build a new generation different than the one responsible for all this violence.

Let us give them colored spaces to play and dance and live.


We are not allowed in anyway to expose our children to images of violence and terror.We cannot use them as a tool in our fights and force our ideas on them.Let them express themselves and develop their own ideas after leading them towards love.


We can only fight the terror by preparing a new healthy  generation of young leaders built on love,peace,tolerance and respect for the different other.

*Pictures are by Taha Baba,Taha Naji,Souhaib Ayoub and We Love Tripoli.

Dear Robert,

Yesterday I was participating in the protest against the illegal self prolongation of the Lebanese parliament and while I was there I thought Of you.

I know well you don’t resemble most of the parliamentary heard and that you’re a decent civil person who believes in institutions and law.A man who spoke but wise words during his term and never took but decent decisions.A man loved and respected by Tripolians.

I’m not saying that because you’re a friend and that I know you and your  family personally well but maybe I’m saying that because I know you well and I know your awesome wife Hala whose great deeds for Tripoli and Tripoliains can’t be numbered and who fits the shoes of a First Lady in a non confessional system.She’s simply a treasure to Tripoli.


Until….Until you voted for the prolongation of the term of the parliament.

I was shocked and disappointing in you for I never expected from you in particular such an action.

But humans make mistakes sometimes.Big deadly mistakes,like the one you did.But because I know you well I know it isn’t late for retaliation.Because I know well that deep down inside of you,you know that you did wrong by not respecting the law and allowing you co-ex-MPs to steal our votes.

It’s not to late for you to be the Robert Fadel we know once again and step out of the heard of puppet MPs.and resign from the bunch of losers  and reject the illegal prolongationand the stealing of our voices and be the hero we all expect you to be.

We were celebrating my friend Mu’taz’s birthday on the beautiful shores of Kfar Abida in the hip Pierre & Friends beach pub/restaurant when I bumped into Tres and Tim a couple of American friends working and living in Beirut.

We sat on the stony shore having some Martinis listening to music and having a laugh when Tim returned totally wasted having too much booze ,he sat next to me and started to talk his drunk talk and telling me about his origins and how they mistake him for a Latino while he’s black,Island black and other stuff.He asked me where I was spending my night so I told him I’m going back to Tripoli.


And that’s when he started talking about Tripoli.

He told me he haven’t been to Tripoli since 2009.And when he was there he loved the city.He asked “why are you people fighting?you have a beautiful city,you should take care of it”.He talked about the nice,down to earth ,friendly people in Tripoli,about the delicious food especially the Baklawa,the lovely places he visited.

He told me that he thinks 90% of Tripolians are nice people who’ll never fight each other and that the fighters are few.He said “bring them to the beach man.No one will fight in the beach man.Look everyone is enjoying his time.Man they’ll throw their weapon and enjoy their time man.” and then after a minute of reflection he said”man the girls in Tripoli have the most amazing booty man.Man they have real big amazing booty unlike Beiruty girls small ass” and he kept talking about the booty and Baklawa in Tripoli and gave us a good laugh.He said “how can you have have such lovely girls with lovely booty in Tripoli and you still fight man.Man you guys should seriously drop your weapon and enjoy a good Baklawa and a nice booty”.

Then out of his drunken haze he said the wisest words I’ve ever heard:”Man you’ve got a gem of a city.I love Tripoli it’s a gem,its people are nice and friendly and they are the majority.How can you nice people of Tripoli leave it for those few thugs.Man you nice people of Tripoli you’re the majority.YOU SHOULD TAKE BACK TRIPOLI MAN.Seriously you should take it back man”

While I’m writing this post my life is at stake for the city is occupied by radical criminals, protected by some politicians and security chiefs and are spared from persecution by the judicial and the security system alike.

Only last week I was threatened by some powerful politician’s thugs for posting  a picture caricaturing him on my facebook timeline.I was even contacted by some friends and relatives asking me to remove this picture for they heard from him and the people under him promising to make me pay.

And Today while I was in Beirut,Tripoli was held up by some radical Islamist thugs who started shooting at the army,the citizen and the shops to force them close business,terrorizing the city.



This hell was raised after the army found a warehouse full of heavy artillery in Souk Al Kameh(in the Tabbeneh area) belonging to a certain chief of faction called Ziad Alloukeh.

Ziad Alloukeh and his men were openly covered by MP Mohammad Kabbara.He comes from a poor family,he’s uneducated,illiterate and…..POWERFUL.

Most of the Sunni Tripolitans support him as a hero defending the Syrian Opposition against Hizbollah and the Alawites.

So the thugs that invaded and vandalized Tripoli are considered heroes by the Tripolitan Sunni Majority because they are against the Syrian regime,against Hizbollah and protecting them from the Alawites (as I just heard right now on a talk show on LBCI by the confessional journalist Mohammad Slam who was just repeating what most Tripolitans say)

Tripolitains should stop nagging if they think the chiefs of the factions represent them and are defending them.

Politicians who support and cover these thugs are responsible.

Security forces who caught the artillery warehouse and didn’t arrest Alloukeh are responsible.

Judges who should issue an arrest warrant for Alloukeh and all other thugs whether from Jabal Mohsen or Tabbeneh especially when caught in the act are responsible.

Till then,till we’re aware that we are not living in a country but in a Jungle,till we wake up.People of Tripoli you’re all responsible for the mess we’re in.