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On the 24 of April this year coincides with the memorial of the Armenian Genocide Centennial,the first genocide of the century.

The memorial gained force this year by the recognition of Pope Francis of the genocide,calling it the first genocide of the century,as Armenians all over the world are preparing for it.


Many countries already recognized the genocide including Lebanon as in 1997 the Lebanese Chamber of Deputies recognize and condemns the genocide perpetrated against the Armenian people and expresses its complete solidarity with demands of its Armenian citizens.

This year the Lebanese Education Minister considered the 24 of April a national holiday and called for closure of all educational institutions.

A National Choir Festival is happening in Lebanon during this period in many Lebanese cities including Tripoli on the 24th of April noting that some of the Choirs participating are Armenian and Tripoli’s own pride and joy Choir,The Fayhaa Choir is lead by Maestro Barkev Taslakian a Tripolitain from Armenian origins.

fayhaa choir

Through all that and to everybody’s surprise rose some cacophonous noises objecting  the recognition of the genocide by the Lebanese Government and attacking the Choir Festival held in Tripoli saying it’s a declaration of war on Tripoli’s Sunnis threatening the responsible and inviting Sunni Tripolitans to hold a massive Friday prayer in Tripoli’s Oscar Niemeyer’s Fair and to display Turkish flags on the balconies.

The most dangerous thing is that this is coming from a Sheikh holding post in highest Sunni authority “Dar Al Fatwa” in Tripoli and he’s called Sheikh Majed Derwish

mag derv

What Derwish stated is very dangerous for it is a stir of confessional strife and that is punished by law in a lifetime imprisonment penalty (articles 308 and especially 317 of the Penal Code) and thus the North Lebanon General Attorney should persecute Derwish according to these articles.

There’s a new specie in Tripoli that consider itself the defender of the Sunni sect and this specie that is a big fan of Isis has only brought to Tripoli terror,harm,war and economical collapse and abuse and distortion of Islam.

Noting finally that the Ottomans reflects only terror and crimes not just to  Armenians but to all the Lebanese population as they are responsible for the execution of Lebanese citizen in 1916 in what is called today Martyr’s Square and we still celebrate their martyrdom  and that the Lebanese in all their sects  should reject any linking or simply sympathy to the Ottomans.

gen 100


Everybody’s aware that for last couple of years Tripoli have been undergoing rounds of heavy violence.Clashes between Jabal Mohsen and Bab El Tebbeneh,Criminals and armed thugs running the streets terrorizing peaceful citizen,invading restaurants and coffee shops looking for Alcohol or for anyone criticizing their leaders,theft,threats,attacks over peaceful citizen of other sects and lets not forget the bombing of two mosques during the prayers peak time.

Many of the outlaws and criminals are know to the public and cruise the streets with no intervention whatsoever from the Security Forces or the Army that seems intimidated and the Judges are uninterested .On TV you can see an interview with a bare face armed thug threatening people or a kid shooting at a “neighbor/enemy” assisted by a father or a brother,you can hear hate confessional speech by those who call themselves leaders.

Still the officials seem to be helpless against those crimes,the security forces are inexistent and sometimes partners.We all remember the video streaming on Youtube of the citizen calling the emergency room to tell  them about an armed thug that stops the cars and search them and what was the answer of the Police Officer on the phone!!!(He told him that there are hundreds of armed thugs on the streets of Tripoli and there nothing the Security Forces can do).


But wait.After you read what I’m telling you later,you,my dear citizens of Tripoli don’t have to feel insecure and scared anymore.The Security Forces are vigil and strong in capturing the criminals,the Judges are intolerant against criminals disrupting the peace of the lovely Tripoli.

Yes the Security Forces have captured the MOST DANGEROUS CRIMINAL IN TRIPOLI  and the Judges refuse to let him go.


A week ago I was contacted by this guy who told me that an 18 year old boy ,a friend of his was arrested and that this boy’s father is deceased and his mother is poor and that he’s the one working to bring money home and they’ve got no one to help them.

I asked him what was the alleged crime he did and he told me that it seems he refused to stop to a Security check point and that he’d been arrested for one month.

I went to the Prison to see the boy who sounded pitiful and not knowing what is exactly his crime.He told me that he was to meet a certain friend to whom he owed money and headed to give them back but instead of finding him where they were supposed to meet,he found some Policemen who asked him to come to the police station when they knew he was asking for his friend who turned out to be wanted.

The boy headed to the Police Station and that’s where he got arrested for supposedly being with the fugitive criminal when he comited a crime the boy don’t the nature of and thought was not stopping at a check point.


When I checked the boy’s file at court (he’s been arrested form one month) it turned he’s been accused with the fugitive of stealing A DOG.


The poor boy is accused of a Felony that can go to up 10 years of imprisonment and there is NO PLAINTIFFS.

While till today criminals are roaming the streets with heavy weapon under the eyes of the Security and Army threatening people,I here salute the strong arms of the law for arresting the most dangerous criminal in Tripoli and we all can feel safe in this beautiful city.