Mina was always my favorite part of Tripoli especially the area surrounding St Elie school starting from Farah Antoun street all the way to Bort street (next to the new municipality building ).This part of Mina is one of the few areas left in Tripoli where Christians,Muslims and many Marxists live together in love and harmony and where many french and other expats are lodged.

The inhabitants live with each others regardless the class difference and you can never tell who’s poor,who’s rich,who’s Muslim,who’s Christian…….Maybe that’s the benefits of living by the sea.

My favorite places to be in Tripoli are Ahwak Cafe and The Coffee Pot where you can have great coffee and delicious treats and with lots of nice and cultured  people hanging around

But the new gem opened a week ago in the aera mentioned up above in Mina and it’s called RASSIF CAFE


Rassif is perfectly located in Antoun Farah street,the white painted wood and the virgin wood tables decorated by green plants is simple and relaxing and fits well a sea side cafe.It’s a perfect calm place if you wanna come chill read a book,catch up with some friends or simply just relax.

While I was there sipping my Americano,reading Joe Meno’s Hairstyles Of The Damned,Amigo,an old friend joined me on the table and told me he was starting to work on some leather goods and semi-precious stones designs and showed me some of his designs (bracelets,bags,rings….. ) that really impressed me.

While at it a young charming girl wearing an apron came over with a plate decorated by a hot English muffin and some strawberry jam and fresh cream for trial.The outcome tasted heavenly that I caught myself saying “mmmmm” with every bite.


Needless to say that the owners of the place are Tristan and his wife Salma a charming down to earth couple,that are warm and welcoming and taking care of every single detail  that makes this place,that opened a week ago,the place to be.

I continued reading my book over a nice songs selection (I bet it’s Tristan’s choice) playing in the background and the soft sea breeze caressing my face.

rassif g

Life can’t get any better

P.S: I’m tempted to taste their American breakfast


Pictures courtesy of Amigo Ahmad Awiek


The fashion world always brought us shocking innovations and avant-garde  trends and Riccardo Tisci didn’t fray from the track as he revived the Givenchy house from the ashes with his innovative trends.


I was especially fond of his Shirts and T-shirts with Rottweiler prints on them


and from his new collection a shirt with a nude man with orchids caught my attention


but to my surprise the print turned out to be a photo of famous gay porn star Jeff Brandon barebacking another man taken from a movie directed by famous gay porn director Sean Cody and photoshopped with Orchids to hide the explicit parts




Way to go Riccardo

Gino Raidy is a prominent Lebanese blogger and his blog “Gino’s Blog” is one of the best read blogs in the country.


Bonofa is…well who knows what Bonofa is? A company? A website? A scam posse? I’m not the one to have the right answer but all I know is it’s a bunch of money craving annoying people who minimize their social life to their corporate Bonofa pals that in time felt like a sect or cult of bigots.


Some of the people I know joined this cult and started sharing pictures of themselves in meetings looking cheerful and all suited up.They started annoying us with facebook statuses about loving Bonofa and that Bonofa is the future and it’s life itself.They even started annoying other friends by nagging them to join Bonofa and dragging or cheating them into attending some Bonofa meetings.

Most of those people where the image of failure,stupidity and poserism and to see them in all those pics flashing a winner smile and bragging about being members of the “amazing” Bonofa you’d think they’re about to do a great achievement to humanity while all they were craving was (if Bonofa is a truthful thing) filling their pockets.

Gino and other bloggers decided to wage a war on Bonofa exposing it as a scam or what is known as “The Pyramid Scheme” and Bonofa reversed the attack by taking every single one of the bloggers to court for libel.


A week ago Gino posted a blog post stating that Bonofa is finally shut down.( http://ginosblog.com/2014/05/08/busted-bonofa-shut-down-mabrook-and-whats-next/ ) but till now I still see is Bonofa members claiming they cashed their commission and trying to recruit new members. ( http://bonofauniverse.com/blog/?p=120&fb_action_ids=10154103177275048&fb_action_types=og.comments )

So if Bonofa is shut down isn’t the work of those members a fraudulent act? Or did Gino misinform his blog readers?

The Idiot Box never ceases to bring us dumb,annoying and disgusting programs ,but so far I’ve never seen  cheaper,dumber and more disgusting programs as Lebanese MTV ones.

Take “Hayda Haki” (That’s Talking) ,hosted by Adel Karam a comedian turned host ,a really cheap imitation of “Al Barnamag” (The Show) hosted by Bassem Youssef and The Daily Show by John Stewart.Image

Adel Karam who played in TV show  “Ma Fi Metlo” a comedy show on the same channel couldn’t get over the different dumb characters he impersonates in “Ma Fi Metlo” on “Hayda Haki” .You can find him as a pimp like ,suited,heavily gelled, and donning a thick mustache Lebanese vain “Jagual” (standing for a Lebanese macho male that counts on appearance and display of expensive possessions  to grab the attention of females whilst heaving no IQ whatsoever the equivalent of the Female blonde) with the same facial expression and sense of “humor” (if you can call it humor at all) of the characters he impersonates on “Ma Fi Metlo”.

His show is a cheap parade of machismo,sexism and homophobia,always objectifying his female guests and making  lame and sexual allusions towards them while making fun of homosexuals (when he started bashing french singer Mika for being homosexual).

Most of his hosts are slutty Lebanese singers,actresses,hosts….. or macho conventional males.


All that makes Adel Karam and his program “Hayda Haki” a crappy host in a crappy show.Who wants to watch a show hosted by  a guy that looks and sounds like all the repulsive and vile males you bump into everywhere in Lebanon.

Today is the first session of the Lebanese presidential election and there is only one serious runner for the post 14 March’s  candidate,a convicted war criminal and murderer ( convicted for killing Prime Minister Rachid Karame,MP Tony Frangieh and Dany Chamoun his wife and his 2 kids Tarek 7years and Julien 5years among others), Samir Geagea.

Another war criminal Walid Jumblat has named Henry Helou and 8 March decided to vote blank.

The other probable candidates are:Michel Aoun,Boutros Harb,Soleiman Frangieh,Amine Gemayel and Jean Kahwaji,names that have stained the Lebanese political life.

Add to that the upcoming President will be elected by an illegal and an unconstitutional Parliament.

But who’s responsible for the dead end we’re in??? US the Lebanese people who’s been brainwashed into confessional camps facing each others,dependent on the services provided by the “ZAIM” ( Clan Master) instead of having recourse to the governmental institutions  as tax payers (our tax money is gone to the pockets of our incompetent politicians).

The solution is pressuring the MPS into taking their full responsibility not to vote to people who have stained their hands in the filth of war,to thieves and criminals or to incompetent subordinates.The pressure can take many forms from an internet campaign to a large street demonstration to the taking over the parliament.Yes taking over the parliament.



Fouad Chehab maybe the only Lebanese President that paved the way to modern and institutional Lebanon.


فؤاد شهاب للجمهورية

الرئيس فؤاد شهاب  (1958 – 1964)


تميز عهد الرئيس شهاب بإعادة أحياء مؤسسات الدولة البنانية وتثبيت المصلحة الوطنية وجعل الوحدة بين اللبنانيين أولوية سياسية. عمل الرئيس على استراتيجيات تنموية لبناء الثقة بدور الدولة القادرة العادلة. عرف عهد الرئيس شهاب بالعهد الأصلاحي الشامل الوحيد في تاريخ لبنان.

دأب الرئيس شهاب منذ اليوم الأول لتسلمه الحكم متابعة الملفات التي تهم المواطنين والمواطنات والتي يجمع عليها اللبنانون بجميع أطيافهم. شهد عهده ولادة سلسلة من المشاريع والمؤسسات والقوانين لم يسبق للبنان أن شهد مثيلاَ لها والأهم أنه وبعد أكثر من 44 سنة لم يشهد لبنان مثيلاَ لها، من أهمها:

قانون تنظيم التعليم العالي

أنشاء المجلس الوطني للسياحة

تنظيم وزارة الاعلام

تنظيم وزارة التخطيط

إنشاء المجلس الوطني للبحوث العلمية

قانون التنظيم المدني الشامل لكل لبنان

وضع أول خطة وطنية مبنية على بحث شامل لكل لبنان

إنشاء المشروع الأخضر البيئي

وضع قانون النقد والتسليف

إنشاء مصرف لبنان المركزي

أنشاء الصندوق الوطني للضمان الاجتماعي

توسيع التعليم المهني والمدارس الحكومية

إنشاء مديرية الرياضة والشباب

تنظيم عمل الاجانب بما يتناسب مع المعايير الدولية

وضع المخطط التوجيهي العام لضواحي بيروت

أنشاء تعاونية موظفي الدولية

وبقي أثر “الشهابية” ملموساَ لأجيال من بعد انتهاء عهد الرئيس بسبب أنجازات أساسية أخرى في اخر ثلاث سنوات، منها:

أنشاء مصلحة الانعاش الاجتماعي

إعادة تنظيم مصالح المياه والكهرباء

إنشاء هيئة التفتيش المركزي

أنشاء مجلس الخدمة الوطنية

إعادة تنظيم التفتيش المالي وديوان المحاسبة

إعادة تنظيم مجلس القضاء الأعلى

إنشاء كلية الحقوق في الجامعة اللبنانية

إنشاء مكتب الإنماء الاجتماعي

وضع كتاب التنشئة الوطنية

عرف الرئيس شهاب برجل العلم والاخلاق والبناء وبرهن أن عندما توجد الارادة السياسية بالاصلاح فأن الدولة اللبنانية قادرة على خدمة أبنائها من دون تفرقة. استطاعت مؤسسات الدولة في عهد الرئيس شهاب ان تجعل من التنوع غنى ومن حاجات المواطن فرصة لإعادة احياء المؤسسات.

لذلك اليوم نقول: فؤاد شهاب للجمهورية…




I’m usually picky in my musical likes as in any artistic likes,I’m not easily satisfied and in Lebanon the music scene although is not terrible but never comes with something original and powerful.Few are the bands worth checking.

Many Lebanese musicians and bands are overrated and become your Lebanese artsy scene “must like” and mentioned in any in their conversation as the majority of this scene is stereotypical,repetitive and…somehow lame.

My favorite Lebanese band is Scrambled Eggs that have been hibernating and cancelling shows lately,There’s Mashrou’ Leila,Lazzy Lung and The incompetents that can put on wonderful show without forgetting to provide us with some amazing tunes.

And then there is PINDOLL


My first experience with Pindoll was when they opened for Red Hot Chili Peppers.I’ve never heard of the band before,never cared to check them as I was becoming more and more bored of the lame Lebanese bands popping out everyday.

I was pissed of Pindoll for replacing Mashrou’ Leila and I went to the Red Hot Chili Peppers hating them preparing to bash them at any given moment and sharpened my sense of sarcasm for that.They won themselves a place on my shitlist for replacing Mashrou’ Leila even before knowing anything about them.

Erin Mikaelian (Pindoll Vocalist) entered the stage and like magic all my senses were drawn to the Band.The fabulous music ,the Gwen Stephani like vocals,the show Erin put drew every single one’s attention.

In just one show Pindoll joined the team of my Favorite Lebanese band and the next day I downloaded “Stop Me” and their amazing “Tainted Love” cover that both played on repeat on my Itunes.


My second encounter with them was at the “Beirut Rock Festival 2013”.

There were plenty of bands playing in this festival but I booked my ticket the first day they were put on sale for the sake of Skunk Anansie one of my favorite international bands.It was a dream come true seeing Skin live on stage.Pindoll was in the lineup and I was thrilled to see them again.

During the show many shitty ass bands passed on stage while waiting for Pindoll and off course Skunk Fucking Anansie and when Pindoll showed their head I was relieved.Erin looked tense ,I could sense there was something wrong going with the band still they succeeded to provide a wonderful show but I was disappointed they didn’t play “Stop Me”.It was obvious there was something wrong going on with them.Even my friends noticed it.


Three month ago a new song of theirs called “Keep Walking” went viral then a video of the song “Fed Up” both were wonderful and got me hooked and on the 1rst of March their debut album launch.I couldn’t be more excited.

The week before the launching gig.I had a crazy week of work that left me jaded.The night before the gig I went partying with friend for the wee hours of the morning knowing I had urgent work on Saturday.Saturday afternoon I was left with no energy whatsoever and I was considering skipping the Pindoll Album Launch.I decided to sleep/rest a bit then decide what am I to do.

Around 8 pm I called my friends who bailed on me and decided not to go.The Idea of driving all the way from Tripoli to Beirut and back alone made me think it wasn’t worth it.But,but it was FUCKING PINDOLL DEBUT  ALBUM LAUNCH and I wouldn’t miss that.So I made up my mind and drove all the way to Beirut.

As I entered MyBar alone grabbed  a drink took a corner and waited for the gig to start as I knew no one from the people there.The Jim Beam girls were offering shots and I drank my way to the gig.Some acquaintances came latter and I bumped into Lazzy Lung’s Allan and Imad and a couple of friends that I joined dancing to Ziad Nawfal that was spinning great tunes (Nawfal is my favorite DJ).

When I saw Erin joining the crowd I rushed  like a groupie to say hi and take a picture with her.


When the gig started I pushed my way to the stage and was instantly spellbound by Erin’s performance as she outdid her self through her originals and a couple of covers (The usual “Tainted Love” and a first time “My Own Personal Jesus” ).I found my self insanly singing along and jumping to her songs.She was like a magician mesmerizing the crowd.The band wasn’t less astonishing,especially the lead guitarist(noise as the band put it) Miran Gurunian with his riffs and solos.


I left right after the EPIC show happy and satisfied,forgotten all my tiredness pick the free Album(The cherry on top of the cake) on my out and drove all the way back to Tripoli listening to it.

Pindoll made my night.Pindoll are to big for a country that doesn’t give credit to its talented musicians.

I’m gonna wait impatiently for their next gig and watch them go international.I’m sure.

With all the corruption,crimes,car bombings,armed criminals circulating in broad day light in front of the Army and ISF and abuse against women President Soleiman found it urgent to move hell on earth against Jean Assi who tweeted against him and Ali Itawi who posted a picture of himself kissing A STATUE of Virgin Mary.

What a joke of a country Mr. President!!!!!!!!


Abou Daass a chief of zone in Tebbeneh 



Manal Assi a women killed after being beaten by her husband



Kids holding weapons in Tebbeneh




Ali Itawi.His crime is posting this picture.



Jean Assi