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The first time I heard about Mashrou3 Leila was through an IRC chat pal who sent me a link to their song “Rakset Leila”.It was like nothing I’ve heard before, an excellent tune with Gipsy vibes and Arabic lyrics that meant nothing but everything at the same time.

Then there was the Demco Steel album release concert that I knew about through Facebook.The setting, the music, the energy, the stage appeal the band showed got everyone mesmerized and took us to a dream world and sealed the pact between the band and a huge varied fan base.

leila cairo
I’m not a music expert but what they sang was of high-quality music that was appreciated by music experts and critics alike.
Hamed’s vocals, his lyrics, and his persona became the voice of a generation of a population.His voice was the voice of the marginalized , of the suppressed , of the Arabic speaking music lovers that had enough enough of the mediocre Arab pop and wanted something strong to stir the feelings and trigger the rage of a bigoted hypocritical society they’re living in of the expats living in Lebanon who don’t dig the language but got spellbound by Hamed’s voice and Leila’s music like we get spellbound listening to Maria Callas without understanding the lyrics.


They sang about lots of issues that were taboo in our society and expressed what lots of youth wanted to say but didn’t dare and all that over an amazing musical background.They sang about police cruelty (3al 7ajiz), about the marriage problem (El Hal romancy, Fasateen), Gay love (shim el Yasmine), trans problems (wajih), gossip (latlit).
We followed them everywhere from Byblos festival to small venues gigs (The Speakeasy among others) we sang & blasted their songs everywhere we went.We related to each line in their songs.Love & freedom was in the air.
Hamed was to every gay, revolted, sexually liberated woman and shy kid a hero.The real hero he was didn’t hide his sexual orientation but flaunt it and shouted it and this by itself was a shot in the head in every artist’s career in Lebanon and the Arab world good enough to end his career before it even started.But Hamed was strong enough, real enough to do it and this courage created a ripple in the Lebanese youth giving hope to the LGBT kids and letting the straight ones for the first time accept the fact that gay doesn’t mean bad or evil but just normal like them.

Their music was loved by many and hated by some and that’s fine for to each his taste,but we cannot deny their praise by critics and international artists alike and that was not an issue but Hamed’s controversial personality and him being public about his sexual identity led to many hate reaction mostly from conservative people (and later on by social justice fighters) that refused to burst their bubble and see the world from a wider vision.
A campaign of slander was lead by some journalists especially against Hamed mostly for his outspoken sexual orientation and for Leila’s daring lyrics.Never before did an Arabic tongue singing musician dared to sing what Leila sang.At that time no one really cared about these limited campaigns that were barely noticed.
Later with Leila’s rise to fame things began to escalate.I don’t know when it started.Maybe during the Zouk Mikael festival when a Municipality member started an ugly campaign trying to stop Mashrou’ Leila from performing during the festival or when they banned them to perform in Jordan.Twice.and all the online and offline trashing.
Some of the shamers were leftists or liberals and didn’t mind Hamed’s sexuality but started mocking his way to perform, his voice stating that his lyrics weren’t understandable dismissing the fact that lots of international performers sang in a non-understandable mumble like Hendrix, Dylan and Waits among others.
Steps in Liliane Chlela a prodigy musician that turns anything she touches into music.Trippy electronic music.She started her career in a band called Hezb El Taleta then continued solo and booked herself a place with her charm and her music among the revered indie music scene.

At the peak of her career she performed a duo with Hamed Sinno titled “The Butcher’s Wife” that according to many friends (I didn’t have the chance to attend the show) was a rare gem.and it was at the same moment of the show that a certain social justice fighter under the label of Feminist called Nadyn Jouni dug a video of an old concert where Hamed was bashing a female journalist for trashing the band for different reason and criticizing one of their songs written by the poet Omar Zeinni thinking it was written by Hamed.

The Jouny snowflake that is nothing but an attention freak considered what Hamed said more than 5 years ago as an insult to women and as an act of machismo while Hamed only addressed a person regardless of her gender and didn’t attack her as a woman.

Following his career and interviews and posts, It is obvious that he is one of the biggest defenders of women’s rights and gender equality.Still, the Jouny snowflake didn’t rest her case and continued to make a fuss about it.
After Jouny’s smear campaign, I don’t know whose idea it was, Hamed or Lilianne, the duo displayed a post on Facebook saying they got married.
Everyone who knows Hamed and Liliane or just Hamed or just Liliane knows well that it was a joke and I myself found it kind of funny and lovely and if it was true, which is impossible, they would have made the most amazing couple.

But as humanity can sometimes be an ugly place and some humans can be insensitive monsters, some creeps started a smear campaign against Liliane in the ugliest expressions that words can express.It showed how hateful, retarded, chauvinist, bigot and patriarchal most of the Arab world can be.

It was really disgusting and horrible.No human being especially peaceful humans that create music, beauty and love should suffer this ugly and violent bullying.No one is allowed to disturb people’s peace of mind with their hateful slurs.
I really feel for Hamed & Liliane.No matter how cool they take this ugliness, it still unsettling and painful.How long has Hamed been taking this trash and kept silent about it and how long he and Liliane have to take it.
I myself suffered online and offline hate campaigns and I know well how this feels.I know I sound a little cheesy but I really feel like hugging them and telling them everything’s gonna be ok, knowing it won’t if the same mentality of governance and bigotry in the Arab world continue.
You can laugh as much as you want but Hamed is an icon for the Arab youth that are looking positively and lovingly to the future.He’s a hero who broke the chains of decay and corruption and bigotry in the Arab world and set million of youngsters free. If Beirut was just it would name its heart after him.
Liliane is a hero herself too as she managed to impose herself in the Lebanese music scene as a hard number spreading music and beauty all over the place in a society dominated by judgmental males.She managed to face all the bullshit spilt on her after the wedding joke with humour and lots of strength.
Later on came the Mashrou’ Leila Egyptian ban followed by a witch hunt after many rainbow flags were raised in their concert where concertgoers that raised flags were hunted, shamed and jailed and ridiculous rumours were spread by Egyptian tabloids about the band & horrible online hate messages and comments were sent to Lilianne and Hamed alike.
The world is moving forward, science and technology are changing the way we live to a more advanced mode, yet some people choose to stay in the dark times of a certain past devoid of empathy, love and tolerance.These judgmental freaks refuse to accept the different and to live and let live in a world that is wide enough for everyone.They refuse to let go of their hate and fear.
In the end no matter how much Hamed is attacked and shamed, he will enter history in its wider gates as the hero who released a whole generation and opened the door in the Arab world for LGBT rights,women’s rights and gender equality and Liliane with her stance and infinite support will always be bound to Hamed as a fierce supporter of these rights that never backed up on this support through all the attacks and shaming she had to endure.


Have you ever dealt with Marka VIP  an online luxury boutique?Do you trust it?

Well you shouldn’t!!!!

On the 29th of January 2016 I placed a 250$ at their website that stated that it should be delivered within 15 days.

20 days later I still didn’t receive my order so I said to myself that maybe the delay was due to the new year’s holiday.

On the 25th of January 2017 (almost a month after I placed my order) my order didn’t arrive yet.So I decided to contact them and to my surprise when I opened the site popped a message that says the Marka VIP services are no longer available in my country (Lebanon).mvp

I contacted them instantly via a live chat (an option on their app) they apologized and said my order will be delivered within a week


After a week of waiting.NOTHING.

I contacted them many times after that and the same thing apology and a promise of a one week delivery


A couple of days ago I contacted them once again with the same promises and when I showed them that my patience has come to an end they asked for my phone number and promised to contact me within an hour.


Off course I received no phone call and till today 24/2/2017 after two months that I put my order i didn’t receive my ordered item from Marka VIP.





I can’t believe that we in the 21 century we’re still dealing with such stupidity!!!!
I can’t believe either that some youngsters are being transferred to JAD association to be rehabilitated under the control of this idiot idiot idiot Joseph Hawat who is more dangerous to those youth than anything else.
So Mr Hawwat is a know it all and he’s got 8 experts in Satanism.
According to him he predicted an orgy of drugs and rape and homosexuality and he him the superman stopped it.He couldn’t stop the huge concert of the biggest drug dealer of our time Wiz Khalifa!!!!!!
Seriously it’s people like the Hawwat dude that should be stopped and sepperated from the troubled youth.


Let’s not talk about the media that gets off on such moronic issues.
The only satans I know in this country are the ruling class and the religious figures.All of them.And the only satanists I know are the majority of this bigoted ,fanatic and sectarian society.
On another level,the Lebanese constitution forces everyone to respect the freedom of belief and there’s not any article in the lebanese law that criminalize please shut your tramp with a dirty sock you biggoted asshole.
People who worship God are killing and raping and bombing everywhere while I’ve never heard of a crime committed in Lebanon caused by Satanists,that’s if they exist here.
(7ki Jales Episode on Satanism)

I always said in the different conferences,trainings and workshops about the conflict resolution between Tebbeneh & Jabal Mohsen that the inhabitants of both areas need job opportunities,chances and exposure and most of the problems in these areas will be solved and tonight a play called “Love & War On The Rooftop” proved me right.


A few month ago I met Lea,Jad &Gino and Lea informed me about a project she was planing a project that includes youngsters from Tebbeneh & Jabal Mohsen in a play acted by them and she was enthused about it.

At first I was skeptic about it.What could a couple of people from Beirut do to the destitute people in my beloved city that no Tripolitain could have done?

The more the project advanced,the more I saw Lea and the guys enthusiastic about it.The more I was excited to witness the outcome.

I kept seeing pictures on Facebook where the guys were meeting famous people from the art scene (to mention a few:Nadine Labaki,Lucien Bou Rjaily…..).


Today was the trial of the play in Tripoli in Rawda School Theater before the big day in Al Madina  Theater in Beirut on the 15th of this month.The theater hall was filled with people mostly from Tebbeneh and Jabal Mohsen (parents,friends and neighbours of the actors).

I was greeted at the door by Jad with a wide smile.Lea was busy running around talking to the actors (It’s good to be reminded that the actors weren’t real actors but guys from Tebbeneh & Jabal Mohsen that were taking the stage for the first time).

When she took the stage to present the work.Lea was shining with beauty.The beauty of all what she’s done to the guys and to my city.

And the play started…..

About one hour of raw Tripolitain misery brought with an unequaled sense of humor and a perfect performance by guys that have never experienced this before not to say never experienced such a chance and exposure.

The play was performed with such an authenticity and without gloves.Things were said by their names and it was really funny.

These guys were everything I loved about my city.

These guys were the real image of Tebbeneh and Jabbal Mohsen.

I couldn’t but feel hate towards those Tripolitain politicians who can but decided to do nothing to save these guys and others like them from the hellhole they live in.

Thank you March.Thank you Lea.Thank You Jad.Thank you Lucien for doing to those guys and to my beloved city what no NGO or Politician did.

I love you from the bottom of my heart.

11356281_10153427392351942_1910714664_n 11127707_10153427391961942_415614468_n

On the 24 of April this year coincides with the memorial of the Armenian Genocide Centennial,the first genocide of the century.

The memorial gained force this year by the recognition of Pope Francis of the genocide,calling it the first genocide of the century,as Armenians all over the world are preparing for it.


Many countries already recognized the genocide including Lebanon as in 1997 the Lebanese Chamber of Deputies recognize and condemns the genocide perpetrated against the Armenian people and expresses its complete solidarity with demands of its Armenian citizens.

This year the Lebanese Education Minister considered the 24 of April a national holiday and called for closure of all educational institutions.

A National Choir Festival is happening in Lebanon during this period in many Lebanese cities including Tripoli on the 24th of April noting that some of the Choirs participating are Armenian and Tripoli’s own pride and joy Choir,The Fayhaa Choir is lead by Maestro Barkev Taslakian a Tripolitain from Armenian origins.

fayhaa choir

Through all that and to everybody’s surprise rose some cacophonous noises objecting  the recognition of the genocide by the Lebanese Government and attacking the Choir Festival held in Tripoli saying it’s a declaration of war on Tripoli’s Sunnis threatening the responsible and inviting Sunni Tripolitans to hold a massive Friday prayer in Tripoli’s Oscar Niemeyer’s Fair and to display Turkish flags on the balconies.

The most dangerous thing is that this is coming from a Sheikh holding post in highest Sunni authority “Dar Al Fatwa” in Tripoli and he’s called Sheikh Majed Derwish

mag derv

What Derwish stated is very dangerous for it is a stir of confessional strife and that is punished by law in a lifetime imprisonment penalty (articles 308 and especially 317 of the Penal Code) and thus the North Lebanon General Attorney should persecute Derwish according to these articles.

There’s a new specie in Tripoli that consider itself the defender of the Sunni sect and this specie that is a big fan of Isis has only brought to Tripoli terror,harm,war and economical collapse and abuse and distortion of Islam.

Noting finally that the Ottomans reflects only terror and crimes not just to  Armenians but to all the Lebanese population as they are responsible for the execution of Lebanese citizen in 1916 in what is called today Martyr’s Square and we still celebrate their martyrdom  and that the Lebanese in all their sects  should reject any linking or simply sympathy to the Ottomans.

gen 100

Mina was always my favorite part of Tripoli especially the area surrounding St Elie school starting from Farah Antoun street all the way to Bort street (next to the new municipality building ).This part of Mina is one of the few areas left in Tripoli where Christians,Muslims and many Marxists live together in love and harmony and where many french and other expats are lodged.

The inhabitants live with each others regardless the class difference and you can never tell who’s poor,who’s rich,who’s Muslim,who’s Christian…….Maybe that’s the benefits of living by the sea.

My favorite places to be in Tripoli are Ahwak Cafe and The Coffee Pot where you can have great coffee and delicious treats and with lots of nice and cultured  people hanging around

But the new gem opened a week ago in the aera mentioned up above in Mina and it’s called RASSIF CAFE


Rassif is perfectly located in Antoun Farah street,the white painted wood and the virgin wood tables decorated by green plants is simple and relaxing and fits well a sea side cafe.It’s a perfect calm place if you wanna come chill read a book,catch up with some friends or simply just relax.

While I was there sipping my Americano,reading Joe Meno’s Hairstyles Of The Damned,Amigo,an old friend joined me on the table and told me he was starting to work on some leather goods and semi-precious stones designs and showed me some of his designs (bracelets,bags,rings….. ) that really impressed me.

While at it a young charming girl wearing an apron came over with a plate decorated by a hot English muffin and some strawberry jam and fresh cream for trial.The outcome tasted heavenly that I caught myself saying “mmmmm” with every bite.


Needless to say that the owners of the place are Tristan and his wife Salma a charming down to earth couple,that are warm and welcoming and taking care of every single detail  that makes this place,that opened a week ago,the place to be.

I continued reading my book over a nice songs selection (I bet it’s Tristan’s choice) playing in the background and the soft sea breeze caressing my face.

rassif g

Life can’t get any better

P.S: I’m tempted to taste their American breakfast


Pictures courtesy of Amigo Ahmad Awiek

With all the corruption,crimes,car bombings,armed criminals circulating in broad day light in front of the Army and ISF and abuse against women President Soleiman found it urgent to move hell on earth against Jean Assi who tweeted against him and Ali Itawi who posted a picture of himself kissing A STATUE of Virgin Mary.

What a joke of a country Mr. President!!!!!!!!


Abou Daass a chief of zone in Tebbeneh 



Manal Assi a women killed after being beaten by her husband



Kids holding weapons in Tebbeneh




Ali Itawi.His crime is posting this picture.



Jean Assi