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Today is the first session of the Lebanese presidential election and there is only one serious runner for the post 14 March’s  candidate,a convicted war criminal and murderer ( convicted for killing Prime Minister Rachid Karame,MP Tony Frangieh and Dany Chamoun his wife and his 2 kids Tarek 7years and Julien 5years among others), Samir Geagea.

Another war criminal Walid Jumblat has named Henry Helou and 8 March decided to vote blank.

The other probable candidates are:Michel Aoun,Boutros Harb,Soleiman Frangieh,Amine Gemayel and Jean Kahwaji,names that have stained the Lebanese political life.

Add to that the upcoming President will be elected by an illegal and an unconstitutional Parliament.

But who’s responsible for the dead end we’re in??? US the Lebanese people who’s been brainwashed into confessional camps facing each others,dependent on the services provided by the “ZAIM” ( Clan Master) instead of having recourse to the governmental institutions  as tax payers (our tax money is gone to the pockets of our incompetent politicians).

The solution is pressuring the MPS into taking their full responsibility not to vote to people who have stained their hands in the filth of war,to thieves and criminals or to incompetent subordinates.The pressure can take many forms from an internet campaign to a large street demonstration to the taking over the parliament.Yes taking over the parliament.



Fouad Chehab maybe the only Lebanese President that paved the way to modern and institutional Lebanon.


فؤاد شهاب للجمهورية

الرئيس فؤاد شهاب  (1958 – 1964)


تميز عهد الرئيس شهاب بإعادة أحياء مؤسسات الدولة البنانية وتثبيت المصلحة الوطنية وجعل الوحدة بين اللبنانيين أولوية سياسية. عمل الرئيس على استراتيجيات تنموية لبناء الثقة بدور الدولة القادرة العادلة. عرف عهد الرئيس شهاب بالعهد الأصلاحي الشامل الوحيد في تاريخ لبنان.

دأب الرئيس شهاب منذ اليوم الأول لتسلمه الحكم متابعة الملفات التي تهم المواطنين والمواطنات والتي يجمع عليها اللبنانون بجميع أطيافهم. شهد عهده ولادة سلسلة من المشاريع والمؤسسات والقوانين لم يسبق للبنان أن شهد مثيلاَ لها والأهم أنه وبعد أكثر من 44 سنة لم يشهد لبنان مثيلاَ لها، من أهمها:

قانون تنظيم التعليم العالي

أنشاء المجلس الوطني للسياحة

تنظيم وزارة الاعلام

تنظيم وزارة التخطيط

إنشاء المجلس الوطني للبحوث العلمية

قانون التنظيم المدني الشامل لكل لبنان

وضع أول خطة وطنية مبنية على بحث شامل لكل لبنان

إنشاء المشروع الأخضر البيئي

وضع قانون النقد والتسليف

إنشاء مصرف لبنان المركزي

أنشاء الصندوق الوطني للضمان الاجتماعي

توسيع التعليم المهني والمدارس الحكومية

إنشاء مديرية الرياضة والشباب

تنظيم عمل الاجانب بما يتناسب مع المعايير الدولية

وضع المخطط التوجيهي العام لضواحي بيروت

أنشاء تعاونية موظفي الدولية

وبقي أثر “الشهابية” ملموساَ لأجيال من بعد انتهاء عهد الرئيس بسبب أنجازات أساسية أخرى في اخر ثلاث سنوات، منها:

أنشاء مصلحة الانعاش الاجتماعي

إعادة تنظيم مصالح المياه والكهرباء

إنشاء هيئة التفتيش المركزي

أنشاء مجلس الخدمة الوطنية

إعادة تنظيم التفتيش المالي وديوان المحاسبة

إعادة تنظيم مجلس القضاء الأعلى

إنشاء كلية الحقوق في الجامعة اللبنانية

إنشاء مكتب الإنماء الاجتماعي

وضع كتاب التنشئة الوطنية

عرف الرئيس شهاب برجل العلم والاخلاق والبناء وبرهن أن عندما توجد الارادة السياسية بالاصلاح فأن الدولة اللبنانية قادرة على خدمة أبنائها من دون تفرقة. استطاعت مؤسسات الدولة في عهد الرئيس شهاب ان تجعل من التنوع غنى ومن حاجات المواطن فرصة لإعادة احياء المؤسسات.

لذلك اليوم نقول: فؤاد شهاب للجمهورية…





Everybody’s aware that for last couple of years Tripoli have been undergoing rounds of heavy violence.Clashes between Jabal Mohsen and Bab El Tebbeneh,Criminals and armed thugs running the streets terrorizing peaceful citizen,invading restaurants and coffee shops looking for Alcohol or for anyone criticizing their leaders,theft,threats,attacks over peaceful citizen of other sects and lets not forget the bombing of two mosques during the prayers peak time.

Many of the outlaws and criminals are know to the public and cruise the streets with no intervention whatsoever from the Security Forces or the Army that seems intimidated and the Judges are uninterested .On TV you can see an interview with a bare face armed thug threatening people or a kid shooting at a “neighbor/enemy” assisted by a father or a brother,you can hear hate confessional speech by those who call themselves leaders.

Still the officials seem to be helpless against those crimes,the security forces are inexistent and sometimes partners.We all remember the video streaming on Youtube of the citizen calling the emergency room to tell  them about an armed thug that stops the cars and search them and what was the answer of the Police Officer on the phone!!!(He told him that there are hundreds of armed thugs on the streets of Tripoli and there nothing the Security Forces can do).


But wait.After you read what I’m telling you later,you,my dear citizens of Tripoli don’t have to feel insecure and scared anymore.The Security Forces are vigil and strong in capturing the criminals,the Judges are intolerant against criminals disrupting the peace of the lovely Tripoli.

Yes the Security Forces have captured the MOST DANGEROUS CRIMINAL IN TRIPOLI  and the Judges refuse to let him go.


A week ago I was contacted by this guy who told me that an 18 year old boy ,a friend of his was arrested and that this boy’s father is deceased and his mother is poor and that he’s the one working to bring money home and they’ve got no one to help them.

I asked him what was the alleged crime he did and he told me that it seems he refused to stop to a Security check point and that he’d been arrested for one month.

I went to the Prison to see the boy who sounded pitiful and not knowing what is exactly his crime.He told me that he was to meet a certain friend to whom he owed money and headed to give them back but instead of finding him where they were supposed to meet,he found some Policemen who asked him to come to the police station when they knew he was asking for his friend who turned out to be wanted.

The boy headed to the Police Station and that’s where he got arrested for supposedly being with the fugitive criminal when he comited a crime the boy don’t the nature of and thought was not stopping at a check point.


When I checked the boy’s file at court (he’s been arrested form one month) it turned he’s been accused with the fugitive of stealing A DOG.


The poor boy is accused of a Felony that can go to up 10 years of imprisonment and there is NO PLAINTIFFS.

While till today criminals are roaming the streets with heavy weapon under the eyes of the Security and Army threatening people,I here salute the strong arms of the law for arresting the most dangerous criminal in Tripoli and we all can feel safe in this beautiful city.

No I wont post pictures of the explosion and the damages.No I wont quote the politicians and religious figures.No I wont give up to negativity.No I wont let them take us were they want to.


I want to forget the destruction and blood I saw when I rushed home after hearing the explosion to make sure my son and parents are OK and how the building where my son and ex wife live was severely damaged and how we had to force the stuck door to free them out and how I almost collapsed when I saw the blood on my son’s hand when he rushed to hug me.

I want to forget the terror of that day.


No matter how much I curse and criticize my city and its inhabitants,I can’t deny that I love it so much and that I love my fellow citizen with all their simplicity.

What is needed in these times of hardship is to think clearly.

We ought to not listen to the hating and instigating speech of the politicians and  religious figures and their accusations and invitations to hate and revenge.They are responsible of all the terror and crimes.

We ought to not let them lead us to violence,hate and desperation.They are the real criminals.We should not let them represent us.

Our answer to this terror is to stay united and solidary and refuse to let lead us to fight each others.

We ought to spread love and peace.To give a helping hand to rebuild the ravaged areas,to donate blood,to give moral and psychological support to the families of the dead and the wounded.

We ought to stop showing our children images of violence and hate and let them grow on these images.

Let us teach them love,tolerance and the acceptance of the other so we build a new generation different than the one responsible for all this violence.

Let us give them colored spaces to play and dance and live.


We are not allowed in anyway to expose our children to images of violence and terror.We cannot use them as a tool in our fights and force our ideas on them.Let them express themselves and develop their own ideas after leading them towards love.


We can only fight the terror by preparing a new healthy  generation of young leaders built on love,peace,tolerance and respect for the different other.

*Pictures are by Taha Baba,Taha Naji,Souhaib Ayoub and We Love Tripoli.

Tripoli never lacks Of harmful issues trying to destroy what’s left of its beauty,from its evil greedy politicians to the corruption in all its institutions to the confessional extremism imposing its culture and smothering every other difference to the company (Batco) that already messed up all its infrastructure and damaged the streets.

And in every society that is being forgotten by the government and being alienated there are always some persons who try to oppose the “Monster” that is harming the society and doing the job of the government  where this one fails to fulfill its duty.

In Tripoli the Civil Society( consisting of many NGOs and individuals)  is supposed to do so and in Many places it is doing a good job.Still most of its members are either politically dependent,politically correct,conservatives and religious  persons and that’s why it doesn’t always succeed in filling the void Tripoli really needs and can’t stand up tough against  the “Monster”.

Many times when this Civil Society wants to show some muscles,it does so in the wrong place or toward a weak and irrelevant person or act.Still it shies away in front of more dangerous and harmful acts or persons.

Few weeks ago one of the most famous Coffee Shops in Tripoli was attacked by radical Islamists (please check my previous post Ahwak And The “Neo Found” Muslims so called Civil Society didn’t even lift a finger and it even tried to reduce the effect of this attack.


Few days ago the same “Civil Society” organised a Ramadanic Iftar in the Karame Roundabout (were the Radical Islamists renamed it “Nour Roundabout” and claimed it their own with lots of Al Qaeda flags ,Islamic banners and photos of incarcerated Islamists or ones killed in the clashes in Syria or in Beib El Tebbeneh surrounding a statue of the Allah word).When some Islamists attacked them claiming the area as their own accusing the participants in the Iftar of being  Gays and Whores and  of drinking Champagne during the Iftar.


And as usual no one said a word or tried even to criticize the act.

But two days ago Nada Elia the public relations official in the Tripoli Municipality wrote a certain prose on her facebook timeline about a certain city(she didn’t mention the city she was talking about) trashing this city and talking about how evil it is.And because of that post many of the self conscious Tripolitans shared it on their facebook accusing her of vilifying the city and its inhabitants.The comments on this post were worst than anything could be said showing the real confessional and parochial face calling her “Christian infidel” and “stranger to the city” and “Aounist”(related to General Aoun).

Worst than that,the Municipality filed a lawsuit against her accusing her of libel and defamation against the city and ended her contract,more offended by the post than any harm did by the damage done to Tripoli by “Batco”.


So this ambiguous post is the mother of all evil against Tripoli.It is the cause of the clashes,of poverty of illiteracy,of infrastructure destruction  and tatter.All Tripolitan forces gathered to confront this evil post.

I just wish  to see the Heroes of the “civil society” standing against the thugs that are threatening the city everyday,against the corrupt politicians and municipality members that  are leading Tripoli to its ruin ,against the poverty and illiteracy,against fear,lenience,weakness and confessionalism  of some of  the civil society  against the “Monster” instead of getting busy with a mere ambiguous post not even naming Tripoli.

We all know who Ahmad Al Assir is.But what we miss is that every area in Lebanon and in every sect there is an Ahmad Al Assir.

Yesterday night while the lovely members of Nasawiya a feminist NGO that reflects a bright civil face of Lebanon were celebrating in Nasawiya Cafe,a lovely chill place with lots of love and positive energy,some thugs decided to end the party with force and weapons.

These thugs were none other than Past MP Nadim El Gemayel little militia.Like any militia in Lebanon lead by an evil person Gemayel’s thugs attacked the Nasawiya members and threatened them with weapons


Gemayel is nothing different from Al Assir,a militia leader.The only difference is the suit and tie and  the absence of the beard.But both men share the same corrupt,criminal mentality.

Worst than Gemayel and Al Assir are the ISF forces and the Judicial system that are both corrupted to the bones.For when the Nasawiya activists filed a complaint in Gemmayzeh Police Station against the Gemayel thugs ,the Military Judge issued an arrest warrant for the activist instead of the thugs that attacked them and after being released from the Police Station,the Gemayel thugs continued their assault and tried to run over some protesters outside the police station while the ISF were watching.


We’ve got to a point in this country where you can’t count on ISF and the  Judicial system and the thugs and militias that are running the streets attacking citizen stay unpunished.

How in hell can we take back our country and feel safe in it?

Dear Robert,

The reason I addressed you in the first letter was because I really believe in you as the change we all need and as I previously stated I was disappointed that you voted for the prolongation of the parliament’s term or at least that’s what I thought.(I did a research to know who voted against the prolongation of the term and all I got was only FPM members did that,(blame the media and google).

I was very happy that you read my letter and replied to it a reply that I wanted so much to hear,that is you didn’t vote for the prolongation of the term *(check M Fadel’s reply at the end of this post).

I didn’t bother to address other MPs including some relatives among them cause I consider it a waste of time for I don’t see in them the future Lebanon I dream about,but with you it’s different for I see in you the hope me and many young persons see in my country.You represent what a good and respectable politician is.


I know well your effort and deeds for the development of Tripoli and Lebanon and I can’t forget the support of your wonderful wife Hala.You two are the good example of institutional work far from sectarianism and clientelism and we demand from you to keep on with the good work to get to the Country we dream about.

I was totally sure you wouldn’t vote for the prolongation of the term as I was mislead to think and I’m proud of that.

Hala and Robert you are the positive future of my beloved Tripoli,you are the last hope of the young people who till now are refusing to leave it to scavengers.We believe in you as the one representative of Tripoli we are proud of.

Keep the good work.


*The reply of Mp Fadel to my previous post:

“Dear Khaled,
Many thanks for your open letter and for your kind words about our action in Tripoli. Both Hala and me are committed to the development of this city far away from sectarism and clientelism.
I am glad you are bringing up the issue of extension the parliament’s term. I was one of the most vocal opponents to it and made a statement one week before this vote (add link to statement) that I would not vote for it and not even attend a session for that purpose.
And I actually did not attend this session nor voted for the extension.
I am glad that the civil society is following up on this issue. Protecting democracy is one of the main objectives to promote the Lebanon we want.

Best regards,
Robert Fadel”


I was sitting in my favorite coffee shop yesterday in Tripoli with this nice girl I just met when a friend entered and joined us.

This friend S. is a really nice guy who plays guitar perfectly,loves beautiful girls and enjoys a drink from time to time and his idol is no other than Al Assir who he thinks is the sole protector of the Sunnis .

While we were chatting about everything and nothing the conversation turned to discussing Al Assir.

For him Al Assir is a good man ,a very good one.His words are  wisdom and he is really misunderstood by us and that he is the sole savior of Sunnis in Lebanon,for Sunnis are being targeted by the Shia and Christians.


Seriously this guy believed what he said and nothing could change his mind and he is the image of many youngsters in Tripoli and that’s sad.

Today while I was in Beirut having fun and shopping,I heard the news of the clashes in Saida and that Al Assir is fighting the army and spreading fear among the citizen from different sects and in particular Sunnis.

I received many calls from family and friends telling to not come back to Tripoli for the roads are blocked in support of Assir and the bearded Salafis of Sheikh Salem El Rafii are invading Tripoli street shooting randomly threatening people to close their shops in support of Al Assir.

I didn’t care and drove all the way to Tripoli and arrived to my favorite coffee shop and saw more than thirty armed bearded Salafis surrounding Sheikh Rafii and LBCI Tv reporter that was interviewing him (Sheikh Rafii lives right over my favorite coffee shop).

Rafii was saying that supports the army but that the Sunnis are being targeted.Image

So the Sunnis according to Assir and Rafii are targeted by Hizbollah and they take that as an opportunity to act even worst than Hizbollah. and that leaves us stuck between both parties criminals.

But to Assir and Rafii I say:Stop lying and say you are here to protect Sunnis ,for you are leaving your criminals roam in the streets of Saida and Tripoli terrorizing their citizen of Sunni majority.and destroying what’s left in our cities.