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I’m usually picky in my musical likes as in any artistic likes,I’m not easily satisfied and in Lebanon the music scene although is not terrible but never comes with something original and powerful.Few are the bands worth checking.

Many Lebanese musicians and bands are overrated and become your Lebanese artsy scene “must like” and mentioned in any in their conversation as the majority of this scene is stereotypical,repetitive and…somehow lame.

My favorite Lebanese band is Scrambled Eggs that have been hibernating and cancelling shows lately,There’s Mashrou’ Leila,Lazzy Lung and The incompetents that can put on wonderful show without forgetting to provide us with some amazing tunes.

And then there is PINDOLL


My first experience with Pindoll was when they opened for Red Hot Chili Peppers.I’ve never heard of the band before,never cared to check them as I was becoming more and more bored of the lame Lebanese bands popping out everyday.

I was pissed of Pindoll for replacing Mashrou’ Leila and I went to the Red Hot Chili Peppers hating them preparing to bash them at any given moment and sharpened my sense of sarcasm for that.They won themselves a place on my shitlist for replacing Mashrou’ Leila even before knowing anything about them.

Erin Mikaelian (Pindoll Vocalist) entered the stage and like magic all my senses were drawn to the Band.The fabulous music ,the Gwen Stephani like vocals,the show Erin put drew every single one’s attention.

In just one show Pindoll joined the team of my Favorite Lebanese band and the next day I downloaded “Stop Me” and their amazing “Tainted Love” cover that both played on repeat on my Itunes.


My second encounter with them was at the “Beirut Rock Festival 2013”.

There were plenty of bands playing in this festival but I booked my ticket the first day they were put on sale for the sake of Skunk Anansie one of my favorite international bands.It was a dream come true seeing Skin live on stage.Pindoll was in the lineup and I was thrilled to see them again.

During the show many shitty ass bands passed on stage while waiting for Pindoll and off course Skunk Fucking Anansie and when Pindoll showed their head I was relieved.Erin looked tense ,I could sense there was something wrong going with the band still they succeeded to provide a wonderful show but I was disappointed they didn’t play “Stop Me”.It was obvious there was something wrong going on with them.Even my friends noticed it.


Three month ago a new song of theirs called “Keep Walking” went viral then a video of the song “Fed Up” both were wonderful and got me hooked and on the 1rst of March their debut album launch.I couldn’t be more excited.

The week before the launching gig.I had a crazy week of work that left me jaded.The night before the gig I went partying with friend for the wee hours of the morning knowing I had urgent work on Saturday.Saturday afternoon I was left with no energy whatsoever and I was considering skipping the Pindoll Album Launch.I decided to sleep/rest a bit then decide what am I to do.

Around 8 pm I called my friends who bailed on me and decided not to go.The Idea of driving all the way from Tripoli to Beirut and back alone made me think it wasn’t worth it.But,but it was FUCKING PINDOLL DEBUT  ALBUM LAUNCH and I wouldn’t miss that.So I made up my mind and drove all the way to Beirut.

As I entered MyBar alone grabbed  a drink took a corner and waited for the gig to start as I knew no one from the people there.The Jim Beam girls were offering shots and I drank my way to the gig.Some acquaintances came latter and I bumped into Lazzy Lung’s Allan and Imad and a couple of friends that I joined dancing to Ziad Nawfal that was spinning great tunes (Nawfal is my favorite DJ).

When I saw Erin joining the crowd I rushed  like a groupie to say hi and take a picture with her.


When the gig started I pushed my way to the stage and was instantly spellbound by Erin’s performance as she outdid her self through her originals and a couple of covers (The usual “Tainted Love” and a first time “My Own Personal Jesus” ).I found my self insanly singing along and jumping to her songs.She was like a magician mesmerizing the crowd.The band wasn’t less astonishing,especially the lead guitarist(noise as the band put it) Miran Gurunian with his riffs and solos.


I left right after the EPIC show happy and satisfied,forgotten all my tiredness pick the free Album(The cherry on top of the cake) on my out and drove all the way back to Tripoli listening to it.

Pindoll made my night.Pindoll are to big for a country that doesn’t give credit to its talented musicians.

I’m gonna wait impatiently for their next gig and watch them go international.I’m sure.


Summertime is a time for freedom,for beach and mountain,for hanging around with  friends,meeting new friends.Time for carelessness,lying on the beach,sun burning your skin,not caring for space or time,just losing yourself in the hugeness of the universe.

It’s time for long drives on the highway,for sleeping on the hood of the car watching the stars,for sweating bodies,casual sex and summer heartbreaks.

It’s time for intense feelings and the songs that come with them.

Some songs stick to you to you like glue and become your summer songs.Whenever you hear them they bring you back summer.

Sometimes it’s the lyrics or moments they remind you of but for me it’s the music that reflects the sounds,smells and feelings of summer.

Here I cite seven songs that bring me back summer,a certain smell,noise and intense feeling:

7-Deny It by Useless I.D


It’s a fast Pop Punk song.You can feel the freedom the positivism in it.You taste the youth.

It reminds me of times on the beach playing Volley Ball,drinking good cold booze a wide smile on our faces.It always bring a good summery feeling to me.

6-Summer Son by Texas


The music video of this song is all summer.Sharleen Spiteri is beautifully tanned with messy hair like she just got back from a day on the beach.Her sexual androgyny making love to a ghost in a white glowing room.

It’s a dark and sexy summer song taking me back to days of making love under the sun and endless summer heartbreaks.

5-Frontwards by Pavement


The bass line,the riffs and the laziness in Stephen Malkmus voice is a reflection of the comfort of summer and the chaotic feelings in it.

A wonderful summer song.

4-Diamond Sea ( Sonic Youth cover) by Yeah Yeah Yeahs


It’s a gem,one the the best cover songs.It’s fresh,sad,deep,water crystal clear.The guitar chords and Karen O’s voice are heavenly.It’s the Sun reflecting on the water or the warmth of a beach fire night around the fire.

3-Get Away by Yuck


The chaos of the musical notes intertwining wonderfull.The bass line and guitar is bitter sweet.It’s free as a summer day.It’s the comfort of your messed up room in your summer beach house.

2-Alex by Girls


It’s a long highway drive song after a wonderful beach day.The Sun is setting with its soothing colors.The Surfboards on the top of the car,the skin is tanned and the hair is bleached and messy,the wind caressing your face.It’s total freedom.

1-Cross The Breeze by Sonic Youth


My favorite summer song.This song stirs lots of emotions in me.It’s fast and dark.

Summer at its best.The sun reflecting on the water.The surfers and the stir of emotions

You go into the water to wash away a heartbreak,letting the waves take you away,play with you as the please.

You drive away after a long beach day,speed away your pain watching the summer world pass you by.

Just epic.

Every once in a while comes a song.A song that hits a certain spot in you,that moves you and takes you places.It’s not necessarily a “Chef D’oeuvre” but it’s a piece of treat for you.

Last Summer that song was Satellite Story’s “Kids Aren’t Safe In The Metro” (It’s still in most of my playlists till now).It was my 2012 Spring/Summer tune.I danced to it,I drove fast to it,I made love to it…..

A month ago,while I was checking my Facebook news feeds,I noticed that Jesse Taylor a Canadian internet friend had linked on his timeline a Music Video of a new Vampire Weekend song called “Step” so I decided to check it since I was a big Vampire Weekend fan.

I still remember when my friend Moe and I,on our drunken nights,used to sing “Cape Code Kwassa Kwassa” whenever we spotted a girl with a Louis Vuitton bag.The lyrics of this song go like that:

“As a young girl
Louis Vuitton
With your mother
On a sandy lawn


Is your bed made?
Is your sweater on?
Do you want to fuck
Like you know I do”

Still my favorite song was “Campus” till….”Step”.

I started listening to “Step” the first song released from “Modern Vampires Of The City”.The song wasn’t your typical Vampire Weekend song even though it’s got Vampire Weekend stamped all over it.The song is bittersweet,not like their previous cheerful songs.It’s more mature,more melancholic.Along with the Black and White minimalist video it made me nostalgic.I don’t know why but it brought me back to my boyhood,to my street life in Mina,to the time of innocence and the loss of innocence.

At the first listen,the lyrics are mostly incomprehensible especially at the start of the song (I used to front like Angkor Wat,Mechanicsburg Anchorage and Dar es Salaam).Ezra’s lotion like soothing voice and sweet music gets you addicted till you get to the part where he sings : (I can’t do it alone, I can’t do it alone) where I relate well to with my feeling of loneliness.

I listened to the lyrics closely and noticed they were so poetic.A gem.vwee

The part that goes like (Maybe she’s gone and I can’t resurrect her/The truth is she doesn’t need me to protect her) made me think a bout my previous break up.

The lyrics are some of the most wonderful bittersweet lyrics (We saw the stars when they hid from the world/You cursed the sun when it stepped to your girl).

All of this instantly made “Step” into my most listened to song a song that topped my Itunes library and that infiltrated all my playlists even the Jazz playlist.There isn’t a day that I don’t listen to this song on repeat at least ten times.

I know this song will go a long way with me.It’ll be my Anthem for a long while.

This song is my song of the moment.I’m sure it’ll fill my Summer.The feeling it gives me is so close,so private,so bittersweet,an inexplicable feeling that I adore.