Bio: The world is fucked anyway Lets write about this or about the few small moments in it. I love music and arts,I'm a liberal agnostic. The underground gets to me. Oh and I live in fucked up city in a fucked up country You'll read all about it here.

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  1. françois says:


    I am very interesting about your article “The Demon Of Ugliness Can’t Eat The Skateboarding Kids”.

    i live in le Havre in French, and there is a site building by Niemeyer.
    From 1985, young make skate, roller and Bmx.

    I am came in 2011 and in april 2013 at Tripoli for working on International Fair.
    In 2013, there was new tags made by skaters.

    i am very astonish to see young make skate in this spot.
    i like that.

    May be you have others photography about international and skaters.

    thanks a lot

    best regards


    • blowbrain says:

      Thank you Francois.
      I’m glad you like my post and off course I have many pictures of the skaters and the fair.
      I’ll make sure to write something about them soon.

  2. françois says:

    Hello Khaled, i am always interested by your pictures about the skaters of the fair.
    they go there always?


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