Walid Rajab:A Name To Remember

Posted: November 28, 2017 in Article, Arts, Fashion & Beauty
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Smoothly but surely Rajab is tracing his way to the top as a professional model.

From the dream killer conservative city of Tripoli/Lebanon Rajab braved the bumpy roads to modelling with all the notoriety that surrounds it.He stayed as Rimbaud said « intact » and he succeeded to impose himself as professional as a model can be among sharks.
After many small appearances in tv commercials and regular advertisements, Rajab imposed himself in his first catwalk at the Creative Space Beirut wearing an ever daring red overall that fit perfectly to Rajab smooth features and body.

Straight after the CSB catwalk, Rajab is appearing in Plastik Magazine alongside international top model Raphael Say and Ann Yadak.
This doesn’t stop here as bigger projects are in sight.

Will Rajab be the next Chicco Lachowski?
Well with the way he’s climbing the stardom delicately but confident he will be spotted in the international scene, for the local scene is still focused on apelike steroid clad bearded guys they throw at Mr Lebanon contests that kill their careers on the spot.


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