Satanism Is Invading Lebanon & Super Hawwat Is Here To Stop It

Posted: January 5, 2016 in Uncategorized

I can’t believe that we in the 21 century we’re still dealing with such stupidity!!!!
I can’t believe either that some youngsters are being transferred to JAD association to be rehabilitated under the control of this idiot idiot idiot Joseph Hawat who is more dangerous to those youth than anything else.
So Mr Hawwat is a know it all and he’s got 8 experts in Satanism.
According to him he predicted an orgy of drugs and rape and homosexuality and he him the superman stopped it.He couldn’t stop the huge concert of the biggest drug dealer of our time Wiz Khalifa!!!!!!
Seriously it’s people like the Hawwat dude that should be stopped and sepperated from the troubled youth.


Let’s not talk about the media that gets off on such moronic issues.
The only satans I know in this country are the ruling class and the religious figures.All of them.And the only satanists I know are the majority of this bigoted ,fanatic and sectarian society.
On another level,the Lebanese constitution forces everyone to respect the freedom of belief and there’s not any article in the lebanese law that criminalize please shut your tramp with a dirty sock you biggoted asshole.
People who worship God are killing and raping and bombing everywhere while I’ve never heard of a crime committed in Lebanon caused by Satanists,that’s if they exist here.
(7ki Jales Episode on Satanism)


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