Love & War On The Rooftop:The Story Of My City

Posted: June 9, 2015 in Uncategorized

I always said in the different conferences,trainings and workshops about the conflict resolution between Tebbeneh & Jabal Mohsen that the inhabitants of both areas need job opportunities,chances and exposure and most of the problems in these areas will be solved and tonight a play called “Love & War On The Rooftop” proved me right.


A few month ago I met Lea,Jad &Gino and Lea informed me about a project she was planing a project that includes youngsters from Tebbeneh & Jabal Mohsen in a play acted by them and she was enthused about it.

At first I was skeptic about it.What could a couple of people from Beirut do to the destitute people in my beloved city that no Tripolitain could have done?

The more the project advanced,the more I saw Lea and the guys enthusiastic about it.The more I was excited to witness the outcome.

I kept seeing pictures on Facebook where the guys were meeting famous people from the art scene (to mention a few:Nadine Labaki,Lucien Bou Rjaily…..).


Today was the trial of the play in Tripoli in Rawda School Theater before the big day in Al Madina  Theater in Beirut on the 15th of this month.The theater hall was filled with people mostly from Tebbeneh and Jabal Mohsen (parents,friends and neighbours of the actors).

I was greeted at the door by Jad with a wide smile.Lea was busy running around talking to the actors (It’s good to be reminded that the actors weren’t real actors but guys from Tebbeneh & Jabal Mohsen that were taking the stage for the first time).

When she took the stage to present the work.Lea was shining with beauty.The beauty of all what she’s done to the guys and to my city.

And the play started…..

About one hour of raw Tripolitain misery brought with an unequaled sense of humor and a perfect performance by guys that have never experienced this before not to say never experienced such a chance and exposure.

The play was performed with such an authenticity and without gloves.Things were said by their names and it was really funny.

These guys were everything I loved about my city.

These guys were the real image of Tebbeneh and Jabbal Mohsen.

I couldn’t but feel hate towards those Tripolitain politicians who can but decided to do nothing to save these guys and others like them from the hellhole they live in.

Thank you March.Thank you Lea.Thank You Jad.Thank you Lucien for doing to those guys and to my beloved city what no NGO or Politician did.

I love you from the bottom of my heart.

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