A Sidewalk To Chill In ( Rassif Cafe)

Posted: April 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

Mina was always my favorite part of Tripoli especially the area surrounding St Elie school starting from Farah Antoun street all the way to Bort street (next to the new municipality building ).This part of Mina is one of the few areas left in Tripoli where Christians,Muslims and many Marxists live together in love and harmony and where many french and other expats are lodged.

The inhabitants live with each others regardless the class difference and you can never tell who’s poor,who’s rich,who’s Muslim,who’s Christian…….Maybe that’s the benefits of living by the sea.

My favorite places to be in Tripoli are Ahwak Cafe and The Coffee Pot where you can have great coffee and delicious treats and with lots of nice and cultured  people hanging around

But the new gem opened a week ago in the aera mentioned up above in Mina and it’s called RASSIF CAFE


Rassif is perfectly located in Antoun Farah street,the white painted wood and the virgin wood tables decorated by green plants is simple and relaxing and fits well a sea side cafe.It’s a perfect calm place if you wanna come chill read a book,catch up with some friends or simply just relax.

While I was there sipping my Americano,reading Joe Meno’s Hairstyles Of The Damned,Amigo,an old friend joined me on the table and told me he was starting to work on some leather goods and semi-precious stones designs and showed me some of his designs (bracelets,bags,rings….. ) that really impressed me.

While at it a young charming girl wearing an apron came over with a plate decorated by a hot English muffin and some strawberry jam and fresh cream for trial.The outcome tasted heavenly that I caught myself saying “mmmmm” with every bite.


Needless to say that the owners of the place are Tristan and his wife Salma a charming down to earth couple,that are warm and welcoming and taking care of every single detail  that makes this place,that opened a week ago,the place to be.

I continued reading my book over a nice songs selection (I bet it’s Tristan’s choice) playing in the background and the soft sea breeze caressing my face.

rassif g

Life can’t get any better

P.S: I’m tempted to taste their American breakfast


Pictures courtesy of Amigo Ahmad Awiek


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