Bonofa vs Gino: Truth,Lies And Other Lebanese Mysteries

Posted: May 15, 2014 in Article

Gino Raidy is a prominent Lebanese blogger and his blog “Gino’s Blog” is one of the best read blogs in the country.


Bonofa is…well who knows what Bonofa is? A company? A website? A scam posse? I’m not the one to have the right answer but all I know is it’s a bunch of money craving annoying people who minimize their social life to their corporate Bonofa pals that in time felt like a sect or cult of bigots.


Some of the people I know joined this cult and started sharing pictures of themselves in meetings looking cheerful and all suited up.They started annoying us with facebook statuses about loving Bonofa and that Bonofa is the future and it’s life itself.They even started annoying other friends by nagging them to join Bonofa and dragging or cheating them into attending some Bonofa meetings.

Most of those people where the image of failure,stupidity and poserism and to see them in all those pics flashing a winner smile and bragging about being members of the “amazing” Bonofa you’d think they’re about to do a great achievement to humanity while all they were craving was (if Bonofa is a truthful thing) filling their pockets.

Gino and other bloggers decided to wage a war on Bonofa exposing it as a scam or what is known as “The Pyramid Scheme” and Bonofa reversed the attack by taking every single one of the bloggers to court for libel.


A week ago Gino posted a blog post stating that Bonofa is finally shut down.( ) but till now I still see is Bonofa members claiming they cashed their commission and trying to recruit new members. ( )

So if Bonofa is shut down isn’t the work of those members a fraudulent act? Or did Gino misinform his blog readers?


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