What Makes Adel Karam The Crappiest Host On National TV ?

Posted: April 29, 2014 in Article
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The Idiot Box never ceases to bring us dumb,annoying and disgusting programs ,but so far I’ve never seen  cheaper,dumber and more disgusting programs as Lebanese MTV ones.

Take “Hayda Haki” (That’s Talking) ,hosted by Adel Karam a comedian turned host ,a really cheap imitation of “Al Barnamag” (The Show) hosted by Bassem Youssef and The Daily Show by John Stewart.Image

Adel Karam who played in TV show  “Ma Fi Metlo” a comedy show on the same channel couldn’t get over the different dumb characters he impersonates in “Ma Fi Metlo” on “Hayda Haki” .You can find him as a pimp like ,suited,heavily gelled, and donning a thick mustache Lebanese vain “Jagual” (standing for a Lebanese macho male that counts on appearance and display of expensive possessions  to grab the attention of females whilst heaving no IQ whatsoever the equivalent of the Female blonde) with the same facial expression and sense of “humor” (if you can call it humor at all) of the characters he impersonates on “Ma Fi Metlo”.

His show is a cheap parade of machismo,sexism and homophobia,always objectifying his female guests and making  lame and sexual allusions towards them while making fun of homosexuals (when he started bashing french singer Mika for being homosexual).

Most of his hosts are slutty Lebanese singers,actresses,hosts….. or macho conventional males.


All that makes Adel Karam and his program “Hayda Haki” a crappy host in a crappy show.Who wants to watch a show hosted by  a guy that looks and sounds like all the repulsive and vile males you bump into everywhere in Lebanon.

  1. Youssef says:

    this is the point of a late night show.

  2. its me says:

    seriously who wrote this article, first of all its a copy of a “late talk show” and not John Stewart more like Jimmy Fallon, he taps on everything, he is meant to piss you off and offend you in a mannered form.

    your obviously gay and offended by some comment that was made, bcs that’s the only point i see you making, there is no wrong being gay mate, just live with it and brace the in cumings 🙂

    name me one better talk host that can do his job, you cant compare to a show on CBS that has been airing for over 60 years of talent, history and experience.

    live with it mate and stop complaining…

    • blowbrain says:

      My dear first of all I’m not a big fan of the Idiot Box as you seem to be.I just saw it a couple of times when I was at some friends where the TV was on and whether he tries (and fails) to imitate Fallon or Stewart is not the point here.The point is he’s a really vulgar,dumb and retarded excuse for human beings.
      And you’re calling me gay!!!!! That’s the best thing you could come up with????So what???Being straight or gay wont change what I said.It wasn’t only about him bashing gays.But it seems you’re so obsessed with the gay issue that it’s the only thing that grabbed your attention here.
      Chill dude no one is stopping you from watching host that reflects your image of a gentleman..

    • mannounm says:

      Adel Karam is nothing compared to Jimmy Falon, John Stewart, Colbert, or any other talk show host. He is merely crap. What he is doing is a failed attempt at trying to be funny. If you watch his show, which I could only watch once or twice due to an overload of stupidity, you will not find one thing which is genuinely funny or interesting. He invites bimbos and wanna-be Lebanese singers who appear because they have no chance elsewhere; he comments on world events in a way which just expresses bigotry and retardation instead of humor and charm.

      I am not the author of this article but I totally agree. Oh, I am gay and it is not related about homosexuality. I can take lots of jokes but his simply aren’t jokes; they’re bullshit.

      Yes, let’s not compare his show to CBS because obviously he is nothing compared to CBS and won’t even reach their level in 100 years. Let’s try comparing him to Bassem Youssef’s show. It is recent and both Adel Karam and Nadim Koteich try to imitate him in the most repulsive ways I’ve seen.
      So, if he doesn’t have experience and is clearly an idiot, why should we let him on national tv? The problem is that there are morons like yourself who think he is funny

    • mannounm says:

      Furthermore, I would like to add this quote taken from Beirut.com:
      “The comedy-oriented talk and variety show presented by Adel Karam makes fun of news, politics and celebrities. What could have been a healthy competition between the Jay Leno and the Conan O Brien of Lebanon (Chi.N.N and Hayda Haki, respectively) ended up showing how little Karam knows about late night shows and how hard it is from him to be genuine on camera and play himself, as opposed to a character.

      Karam laughs when he’s asked to, engages with people only when his script says so and interviews his guests with the questions he’s assigned. Nothing more. And as both An-Nahar and Al-Akhbar have both recognized, Adel fails to reign supreme as the host of late night comedy in Lebanon. This video might convince you if you’re still not sure.”

    • Lynxette says:

      Seriously who wrote this comment?!! It’s YOU’RE not YOUR. FYI. Second of all, Jon Stewart hosts “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” and not the “late talk show” or whatever crap you feel like inventing. If you want to criticize the author of this blog, make sure you’re qualified to do and are an even better writer than them. But I highly doubt it’s possible when you come up with shitty lines such as “Brace the in cumings?” Ma ajdab menno ella enta. Only an ignorant like you would support trash TV like Adel Karam…

    • BGB says:

      Dear “its me”. First of all, it’s “it’s me” with an apostrophe. hehe.
      Anyways, homophobia itself is enough to call the show crappy. Yes, it’s bad to be homophobic and you shouldn’t do it on national TV. You can make a joke here and there, but i’ve never seen an american host calling black people slaves or gay guys women, or questioning whether elton john will breast feed his babies, or calling mika a “scorpion” who likes glitter dresses. This is not funny.
      Second, he’s lame, very opinionated (Bashir Gemayel photo on a talk show like that, why?).
      Third, all the jokes are stolen from whatsapp, facebook and twitter. Nothing new and no more to be added on the article above.

      Thanks! 🙂

      • rolling stone says:

        i guess u never saw the Colbert report

      • BGB says:

        Yes I have sir. I lived in usa for so long and I used to watch him, john stewart, leno, buffet, snl, mad tv, and the rest. Yet, none of them exercised this kind of discrimination, homophobia, and racism in the way adel (or the writers of the show actually) did. Besides, a joke in a country where acceptance levels are so high like usa cannot be applied nor has the same impact, being said in lebanon.

      • rolling stone says:

        well sir , since u have lived there long enough , i am sure that u are aware that 29 of the states can fire you from your job , simply because you are gay , and that is a fact .
        it’s true that gay marriage is now legal in some states , but nonetheless it’s illegal to be gay at all in most of the states .
        as for all of the talk shows you have mentioned , stephen colbert is one of the biggest homophobic on national tv , and u must have known that .

      • BGB says:

        Get your information from a trusted source next time, not the onion. Because what you said isn’t true.

    • Meej says:

      The in cumings hahahaha mokheeef

  3. tamarakhodr says:

    True I was disappointed. So typical. Also, he’s just re enforcing stupidity and backward thinking in peoples’ minds. If he was smart he could gain publicity by actually being different, and by different I mean normal in international standards.

  4. I agree that Adel uses Homophobic comments and try to be funny by making fun of gay people, this is wrong. But i don’t agree when it comes to using insults in this article. The topic could have been addressed in a more respectful way. Adel also has a great career as a comedian, he made all of us laugh and he is not perfect.

  5. Lynxette says:

    As for you writer of the article, you accuse Adel Karam of being macho and sexist and whatnot yet you grace us with such a beautiful sentence “the equivalent of the Female blonde”. A standing ovation to you sir! Your point has come through undoubtedly…

    • blowbrain says:

      You’re right Lynexette.My mistake,just wanted to explain the world Jagual as much as I can.I apologize again.All respect to clever women like you 🙂

  6. Annonymous says:

    Sha3eb lebneni tefeh w ma atfah min adel karam 2elu u people that are waiting for anything to show us how much msa2afin w btefhamu u are. Its a fucked up world built on trash and nonsense live with it or find another planet to live on w 3funa min ur phillosiphical theories and if u dnt want people to criticise gays u should stop talking trash on everybody else. U want people to respect ur an athiest homo but u dnt want to respect if they are religious, assholes or whatever the fuck this person wants to be.

  7. required says:

    All what’s written here is dumb show and two pictures of him looking dumb. This is framing the individual, bring us footage of the individual making false statements without framing the individual, bring something more constructive that this “crappy” and “cheap” article.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I always thought he was desperately mimicking David Letterman (‘Top 10 Lists’ and all). Either way, the entire show is a monumental failure. MTV needs to hire better Casting Directors. Well, all Lebanese networks, and production houses need to hire better Casting Directors. We (they – the result of poorly selected TV hosts and actors basically) suck at what they do.

    I was more disappointed in Aline Lahoud than I was in Adel, although they were both equally guilty. When Aline auditioned (which, quite frankly was rubbish) for the voice, it was Mika who pressed the buzzer first. But no, Aline, thought it would be cooler to choose someone else. Someone that isn’t Lebanese. That is absolutely fine. But to be upset and make sexual slurs about Mika simply because he did not save your sorry ass – even though it was you who chose to disregard him during the auditions, is shameful. Adel did fuel the derogatory remarks, I can’t deny that, but she was surely happy, giggling like a 12-year-old on helium. I also thought is was disgusting that she claimed there was a force greater than the judges’ or viewers’ votes that kicked her out. The never-ending Lebanese excuse when we fail at something. Politics/’Ma fi waasta’. Nonsense.

    Re: your approach however, dear writer, I didn’t think the illustrious details about his appearance were necessary. We can all see it. You could make a point sans criticizing his image. He just absolutely sucks as a host. He isn’t a natural. At. All. Plus, don’t get me started about the studio set up, lol.


  9. Rawan says:

    I like the program, its not intellectual though they speak natural, in the last 3 years all lebanese singers and actors speak what their managers told them to say, like: I wish peace to spread in MENA region ( this is crap coz they dont care at all) …in this program he meets those celebrities and talk about what they do, laugh, and flirt as all Lebanese men do, and let them sing or do a fun show….its an entertainment show …and i dont know why people sre so upset for such simple programs as this one

  10. amjad says:

    i have to say , simply and clearly , the shi3a wrote this to come back on the show for mocking them , Lebanon is as disappointing and stupid as ever , and it will continue like this for years to come

  11. Not only did he bash mika, he called “Elton John” a female, as if being a homosexual is a lower form of humans, i mean who does he think he is to even open the homosexuality subject? He’s as ignorant as he is arrogant…. This guy should just go back to “ma fi metlo” to the lame jokes he had there as his show here is nothing but a waste of air time….
    And not only is a he first class homophobic, he’s a first class sexist… objectifying all the women he hosts and turning them into “sex objects”…. He’s the image of the Masculine dominated society where MAN thinks he is better than a WOMAN just because he has a “penis”….
    Going past the personal comments, his show is a lame and very cheap version of the similar shows aired in Egypt and USA …

    The bigger problem is that MTV has again and again showed its viewers that it is a Homophobic,sexist channel by allowing and supporting and even promoting such behavior to be aired over and over again. MTV should just go back to being closed as it was better for everyone that way….

  12. Mr. Blow Brain, maybe i dont this tv show too, maybe for other reasons than the ones u have said,
    But allow me gently to tell you two sentences:
    – You really are a Blown Brain == brain that is blown (for two reasons either there is a lot of random unorganized information in it OR it is over full of air…)
    – as for The opinion I would have respected it if it was Objective, but since your language full of Sh** words, trust me it reflects its owner.
    May you be more objective and professional and polite next time please.
    thank you.

  13. Sam says:

    This show is one of the highest rated ,meaning…alot of people actually enjoy watching it :)…. Respect your opinion though , just thought of clarifying .

  14. Mimo K says:

    I have been living abroad for more than 25 years and this is the first time someone in Lebanon i enjoy watching. He is smart, funny and extremely talented. You have to be funny to understand his humour…….

  15. rolling stone says:

    and i thought people at youtube get carried away 😛
    i think the whole issue went out of proportion , what;s funny is something subjective , it can varies from one person to another , so while u think this show is ” crap ” others think it’s a stroke of genius .and regarding the homosexual comments in the show , i think it’s funny , and please note I AM GAY , and i find it funny for many reasons , one of them is that most of the time , the jokes are real 😉
    so people instead on commenting on trashing others success try to focus ur energy on important subjects that can actually effects us , like why the fuck they didn’t elect a president today , instead of bringing up how the poor gays are being laughed at everyday .

  16. Meej says:

    “like all the repulsive and vile males you bump into everywhere in Lebanon.”
    shoo hal objectivity smalla.. who let you write??
    …. and plz just leave

  17. Serge says:

    what a cheap article … this is best show ever.

    Dear writer please go fuck yourself

  18. LadyBird_PJ says:

    Why focusing on Adel? Can’t you see the Lebanese broadcast is full of SHIT singers, actors and hosts?
    Eno hala2 we2fet 3ala Adel Karam? #JustSaying

  19. iDory says:

    Lots of hate in this article which i disagree with but in a objective way, the program is really bad and Adel is funny but only in sketches not in here. If we give him a challenge not to use sexual stuff as jokes (the usual adel cliché jokes), he cant do a single episode, which in my personal opinion is bad, really bad because such programs usually counts on lots of scripted talk which of course cost more money. Anyway, lots of fans too, so as long as the show is bringing lots of viewers, who cares? lets air the show, more money mtv!

  20. ELIGA says:


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