The Tripoli Explosion.Let It Be Love.

Posted: August 24, 2013 in Human Rights, Politics
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No I wont post pictures of the explosion and the damages.No I wont quote the politicians and religious figures.No I wont give up to negativity.No I wont let them take us were they want to.


I want to forget the destruction and blood I saw when I rushed home after hearing the explosion to make sure my son and parents are OK and how the building where my son and ex wife live was severely damaged and how we had to force the stuck door to free them out and how I almost collapsed when I saw the blood on my son’s hand when he rushed to hug me.

I want to forget the terror of that day.


No matter how much I curse and criticize my city and its inhabitants,I can’t deny that I love it so much and that I love my fellow citizen with all their simplicity.

What is needed in these times of hardship is to think clearly.

We ought to not listen to the hating and instigating speech of the politicians and  religious figures and their accusations and invitations to hate and revenge.They are responsible of all the terror and crimes.

We ought to not let them lead us to violence,hate and desperation.They are the real criminals.We should not let them represent us.

Our answer to this terror is to stay united and solidary and refuse to let lead us to fight each others.

We ought to spread love and peace.To give a helping hand to rebuild the ravaged areas,to donate blood,to give moral and psychological support to the families of the dead and the wounded.

We ought to stop showing our children images of violence and hate and let them grow on these images.

Let us teach them love,tolerance and the acceptance of the other so we build a new generation different than the one responsible for all this violence.

Let us give them colored spaces to play and dance and live.


We are not allowed in anyway to expose our children to images of violence and terror.We cannot use them as a tool in our fights and force our ideas on them.Let them express themselves and develop their own ideas after leading them towards love.


We can only fight the terror by preparing a new healthy  generation of young leaders built on love,peace,tolerance and respect for the different other.

*Pictures are by Taha Baba,Taha Naji,Souhaib Ayoub and We Love Tripoli.


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